morning: we’ll start with a lazy morning in bed, i’ll make you a frittata because what’s better than eggs and potatoes? finding a way to mix them together

afternoon: remember when you wanted to go to the aquarium? turns out there’s one open and we’ve got reservations to safely take a socially distanced stroll through and you can mask up in theme

dinner: we may not be able to travel the globe right now, but we can eat as though we are. that’s why i’m making you a maldivian dish called mas huni and not just because it looks like i’m calling you my honey by saying it. look, i could’ve gone for australian food but there’s only so much you can do with vegemite. don’t forget to save room for your cake

after dinner: it’s time for the anti-social cinema. you wanted a movie night, well you’ve got it. i’ve gotten us a projector and set up the backyard so we can watch one (birthday boy's choice, those are the rules) in comfort and style and get as close as fucking possible. there are also concessions well-stocked with all of the fixings because we can’t not have snacks